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Let's get to know me better .....

If you weren't a portrait photographer what genre of the industry would you like to work in?

Wildlife Photography.

Favourite place to live?

Somewhere by the ocean.

Cats or Dogs?


What's your favourite climate?

Winter's with proper snow and long hot lazy summers on the coast, but my favourite season is Autumn.

Favourite Musical?

Jersey Boys or A Chorus Line.

Ever done something risky or adventurous?

White water rafting in New Zealand - what a thrill.

Cooking or Gardening Shows?


Favourite holiday read?

I love a good crime thriller - the late Ed McBain is my favourite author.

What type of music makes you want to dance?

Reggae and Latin.  But favourite tracks to get me moving are 'Uptown Funk' Bruno Mars and 'Bailandos' Enrique Iglesias.

What's your favourite quiz show?


How do you switch off in your downtime?

By watching TV dramas, such as ultra slick American series 'Suits'.

Who would be on your celebrity dinner guest list?

Stephen Fry, Kate Winslet, Julian Clary, Noel Fitzpatrick, David Attenborough & Sarah Millican.

What are your top 3 best free things in life?

Fresh linen on the bed, birds bathing in a bird bath, watching waves roll in on the shore.

Your last meal on earth would be?

Roast lamb with all the trimmings, followed by a fruity pavlova.

Name something you hate?


What irritates you?

The over use of the word 'like'  - every other sentence these days - REALLY people??!! And now in 2017 it seems everybody is starting their conversations with "So ................."  - very irritating!

Your TV guilty pleasure?

Made in Chelsea

What was your favourite subject at school?


Abstract things we should know?

I love Lindt chocolate, at home I live in yoga pants, I've never knowingly followed fashion; I don't want to be a 'sheep', I'd rather have my own style,.

Bath or Shower?

Ooh - bath!

Tea or Coffee?

Good old Yorkshire Tea.

Tell us your top 5 wild animal encounters.

5 : Riding an elephant in Thailand. 4 : Tickling a dolphin's teeth  in New Zealand. 3 : Swimming with sharks at the Great Barrier Reef. 2 : Walking amongst fur seals in  New Zealand. 1 : Cuddling a Koala in Australia.

Well I reckon that's quite enough about me for the time being, now I look forward to hearing about you, so get in touch and tell me what kind of images you'd like me to create for you.

Thanks for visiting!  See you soon.


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